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Coach Bill Marchant: Striking out adversity

February 20, 2015 – 3:36 pm | Comments Off

Elisabetta Zengaro
Coach Bill Marchant is well known for his competitive spirit, a trait that helped him overcome adversity later in life and led him to be a coaching legend for the Delta State baseball program.
“We …

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Where are women in sports journalism?

February 20, 2015 – 3:37 pm | Comments Off

Elisabetta Zengaro

Picture it: You’re at a football game, and the receiver makes a game-winning catch in the endzone. The fans go wild, the players pile on top of each other, and the photographers rush to capture the action.

But where are the women covering it?

I have been working in sports journalism for a little over two years now. I’ve covered everything from high school football games to NCAA regional tournaments, yet no matter where I go, I am consistently amongst a minority. There are very few (if any) other women covering sports besides myself.

Despite the fact that Title IX was enacted over 40 years ago, it appears there is still work that needs to be done as far as truly getting women accepted into the game.

The reality is sports journalism is a highly competitive field, and most women choose not to pursue a career in sports journalism.

There are a number of reasons why women tend to shy away from the male-dominated environment that an article called “Getting Women Into the Game,” on the website for the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) draws attention to.

First, the article highlights a double standard for women in sports journalism. There is still the stereotype that female sports reporters are just a “pretty face” that know nothing about sports. It doesn’t help women overcome any insecurities they may have about covering sports when they see cable television stations feature stylish young women on the sidelines. It reinforces the idea that women are not supposed to be active in reporting, but just a sideline attraction to entertain the male viewers during halftime.

In addition, women have to be perfect in their reporting, meaning they will be scrutinized for the slightest mistake in a name or stat, which is true. A man can mess up the name of the teams playing, and no one will give it a second thought. But imagine what people would say if woman messed up a name in an article or on TV? They would probably think she was careless and knew nothing about the sport, that she was not as knowledgeable as her male counterparts and had no business being out there.

While I agree that women face constant scrutiny, I wouldn’t say the real reason women don’t pursue a career in sports journalism is because they are too preoccupied with wanting to start a family or not thick-skinned enough.

Marie Hardin, dean of the College of Communications at Penn State University, has studied both male and female sports journalists. According to the article on the website for the SPJ, Hardin describes how women tend to back out of sports journalism because they start to weigh the value of a career versus family life.

However, what Hardin fails to acknowledge is that there was a time when it was considered too demanding for women to hold any job because of the assumption that if women took a job, they would eventually quit to take care of their husband or family.

So toss out the age-old argument that women just aren’t prepared enough for the demands of having a job and taking care of a family. In fact, it’s almost insulting because the idea that women just aren’t prepared for the demands of a job leads to the second argument, which is women just don’t have the personality to be a sports journalist.

According to the article, Jane McManus, sports writer and columnist for and ESPNW, says women “need a certain type of personality” to succeed in the industry. Again, this is implying that women are naturally too delicate to be a sports journalist—that they can’t handle the stress of the job or any criticism they may face.

Now, I’m not denying that women face criticism or unwanted attention. In fact, sexual harassment in sports journalism is a real concern that shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to the article, there have been several cases of sexual harassment of female TV reporters over the past 15 years. As someone who has been heckled at a game, I know it’s extremely frustrating! Yes, it’s irritating, but you learn in time to roll your eyes and shake off the comments, which brings me to the underlying issue.

While women face a certain amount of scrutiny, they have to be comfortable enough with themselves, and that is the key to succeeding in any job. Just like young athletes have a professional athlete they aspire to be like, young women entering sports journalism need a role model they can look up to so they can see how to overcome any difficulties they worry they’ll face. Male editors will hire female sports journalists, but women have to be confident enough in their own capabilities to realize they can do anything they set their mind to. They have to realize that the fear of scrutiny should not stop them from pursuing their dreams. If we can find a way to nurture self-confidence, I believe we can get more women into the game.

Lady Statesmen softball win two out of three against UWA in thriller

February 20, 2015 – 3:35 pm | Comments Off

OB Taylor
Assistant Sports Editor
Delta State softball defeated West Alabama in a three-game series thriller, winning two out of the three games in Livingston, Ala. The series was dominated by great hitting from both teams.
In game …

Lady Statesmen win two out of four in Arkadelphia road trip

February 20, 2015 – 3:33 pm | Comments Off

O.B. Taylor
Assistant Sports Editor
The Delta State Lady Statesmen tennis team won two out of their four matches during their four-day stay in Arkadelphia, Ark.
During the road trip, the Lady Statesmen played Harding University, Tarleton State …

Statesmen drop conference opener to West Alabama

February 20, 2015 – 3:31 pm | Comments Off

Elisabetta Zengaro
Despite having an early lead in the first two games, the Statesmen dropped their first conference series to the University of West Alabama on Feb. 14, but managed to defeat the Tigers 4-3 in …

Statesmen defeat North Alabama at home

February 20, 2015 – 3:28 pm | Comments Off

Florian Mondoloni
Sports Editor
The Statesmen earned their third victory in a row after winning 77-67 against the Lions of North Alabama on Feb. 14, at Cleveland, Miss. After defeating conference leader UAH on Thursday, Feb. 12, …

Lady Statesmen defeat North Alabama 67-52

February 20, 2015 – 3:25 pm | Comments Off

Florian Mondoloni
Sports Editor
The Lady Statesmen increased their winning streak to three after their 67-52 victory over the University of North Alabama on Feb. 14, at Cleveland, Miss.
The Green and White have won 11 games out …

Q&A with Delta State Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Westfall

February 20, 2015 – 1:52 pm | Comments Off

Philliecia Mack
Staff Writer
New assistant professor of psychology Dr. Jonathan Westfall talks professionalism, personality and the love of psychology.
Q. What is your professional background?
A. I’ve had a pretty interesting background in that I’ve worked both in …

“Confidante” hosts annual writing contest awards ceremony

February 20, 2015 – 1:03 pm | Comments Off

Jessica Woods
Copy Editor
Undergraduate literary magazine Confidante hosted its annual writing contest awards ceremony in the Lucy Somerville Howorth Seminar Room at the Charles W. Capps, Jr. Archives and Museum on Feb. 12, at 4 p.m.
This …

Bill Kirkpatrick’s journey to Delta State BSU

February 20, 2015 – 1:01 pm | Comments Off

Laura Orsborn
Lifestyles Editor
Baptist Student Union Director Bill Kirkpatrick thought he wanted to teach college students, not minister them. A chance job opportunity eventually led him to Delta State, where he has been since 1991.
Kirkpatrick grew …

Poems by Philliecia Mack

February 20, 2015 – 12:59 pm | Comments Off

Where I want to Continue from Here
By: Philliecia Mack
Holding hands.
Looking into each other’s eyes.
Heart beating fast.
Stomach is catching the butterflies.
I want us to be so close that no matter how far we are from each …

Standing tall in the face of terrorism

February 20, 2015 – 12:58 pm | Comments Off

Jessica Woods
Copy Editor
On Feb. 15, a carnival parade in Braunschweig, Germany was called off less than two hours before it was scheduled to begin due to what police spokesman Thomas Geese called a “concrete threat …